Tips For Creating A Powerful Brochure

There are a lot of items that we can print to show off our business, event or just an idea. Many of these don’t need to be printed in mass or have a lot of fancy colors, flashing lights or impressive graphics. In most cases, we just need one or two photos, some nice text and a call to action. This is why brochure printing in Prescott is such a great option.

What is a brochure?

The brochure is a 4-6 page printed piece of paper that contains information. It has one image on the front of the page, some words and some small images or logos on the back cover with some call to action such as a phone number or website to visit.

So why have a brochure?  

It is an inexpensive way to promote:

brochure printing in Prescott

·    Your business

·    An event

·    A cause

How do I know what information to include on my brochure?

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want a whole piece that is printed or just an listing of events for example.  If it is the latter, it wouldn’t make sense to spend money printing a 4-6 page pamphlet.  

You want to have information that will get people excited about what you are talking about. You don’t want to give them every single piece of information but enough to contact you, arrive at your event or something that will lead them to taking another step in your funnel or process.

You want to have a brochure that is small enough to carry with them and to pass out. You don’t need a huge sheet of paper with small printing. You just need something that introduced your prospect to your idea and makes them take action.

When we use brochures, they are usually the first step in a much larger process. Use them to your advantage and educate your prospects.