The Best Tools For Your Local Butcher

If you are going to be a butcher or someone who likes to work with their own meat, it is important that you have your own tools and supplies. No matter what profession you are in it is vital that you know what tools you need to do good work and what tools to avoid. When it comes to professional butcher supplies, here are some of the best.

A good knife- This is probably the most important tool for any professional. A kitchen knife will not work, you need a sharp and thick carbon steel. You may even want to invest in two knives because these tools do get worn down from use and have to be sharpened constantly. People who love to make their own sausages will need to invest in a special knife for that as well.

A meat grinder or food processor- There are some people who like to cut up their own meat pieces, but for the most part you should invest in using a machine that can do this for you. It is much easier and more efficient and it also gives you more consistent results.

A meat saw- This is a good tool to have if you are going to be doing a lot of your own cutting. A home device will not work very well for this kind of thing because it needs high quality blades and the right kind of power source. If you do not mind paying the money a commercial grade meat saw is the best. Also, you need to make sure your saw has a quality blade as well.

professional butcher supplies

A good meat scale- This helps when it comes to quickly and accurately weighing your meat for sale or process later. You can also use this kind of tool if you want to create new recipes with certain meats in mind. They are not expensive, so it is worth the investment.

A vacuum packer- This is a good idea if you want to save your meat for later or freeze it. You can also cut down on costs with a vacuum sealer because they help in preserving food and keeping out air which can affect storage.

As a butcher these are some of the tools you need to focus on. Creating your own toolbox is the next step.