5 Tips to Prevent Wood Rot in Your Fence

A rotting fence is a devastating sight to any homeowner, however, it is a common problem that affects not only the appearance of the property, but the fence’s durability. If you want to prevent wood rot and prolong the lifetime of the fence, the following 5 tips are some that can help.

1.    Understand Wood Rot: To prevent wood fence rot you must first understand wood fence rot. This means learning the differences between dry rot and wet rot, the causes, and how to prevent them. Plenty of information is available online and from local classes and shops.

2.    Choose the Right Fence Material: Some fence materials rot easier than others so keep this in mind when choosing the best material for your home. If you are not sure which material is right for your needs, talk to the handyman or expert you hire ahead of time. They can provide answers and information as needed.

3.    Stain the Fence: Fence staining can be a great way to keep your wood fence in great shape. Make sure you call to arrange local handyman services in kingwood, tx or prepare for a DIY job and keep the fence in great shape.

4.    Cleaning the Fence: Another important task in keeping the fence in good condition and preventing wood rot is to keep the fence clean. Buildup of debris can cause wood rot, especially if it is wet debris like grass, leaves, and the like.

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5.    Get Repairs: It is not easy to spend money on repairs when they happen because we always need to save money when possible. Prolonging repairs is the worst decision you can make however because it only makes things worse and causes the need to spend more money on repairs.